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View Magazine: Hanna Bech

“A unique voice exploring fantastical realms”

Issue 19: May 12, 2016 – May 19, 2016

Canadian Beats

“a very whimsical feel”

Hamilton Blues Lovers

“There’re more musical hooks in Naked Bones, the debut EP from Hamilton’s Hanna Bech than in most full albums.   The lady really knows how to craft a pop folk song with beautiful lyrics.

This amazing recording kicks off infectiously and hypnotically then reaches a sonic crescendo with the powerful, Tidal Wave.  It’s all finished with two delicate songs that serve as calming afterglow.

Hanna’s stunning back up team includes Rachel NolanJon BusuttilMichel DeQuevedoJohn Muller, Pamela Gardner, Alex SamarasGeoff Ball and Caroline Olsen.  No matter what’s thrown at them by this EP (Folk, jazz pop, classical, etc), they handle it with gusto.”

Stitched Sound:

“Bech’s impressive vocal range and ability to write capricious songs without a hint of novelty make this a stunning debut. The entire album feels like Tim Minchin, an Australian comedian and songwriter with a natural gift to make his listeners laugh and cry at the same time. This artist may just be starting out, but her work is already leagues ahead of others.”

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Colour Rising:

“Canadian singer Hanna Bech brings a dose of feel-good with her playful single and video ‘ABCs’ …makes you feel happy to simply be alive. This is how life is supposed to be!”


Boston Survival Guide:

“At first blush, the upbeat quirkiness of Canadian Hanna Bech and her personable brand of pop music is somewhat reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson…”

“Other songs on the upcoming release (such as the title track and the very intriguing “Tidal Wave”) have a darker undercurrent and a more complex weave. There are also some lovely strings that make an appearance, and she delves into darker and deeper waters as it goes along. Overall, the EP feels like musical theater, with some dramatic moments.”

John E Simpson:

This is a fun read.  He calls me a beguiler of the status quo, and says Hamilton has mysterious pixie-dust in its water.

“In any case, I offer you today Hanna Bech’s Naked Bones: a mix of bouncy, “I may be stuck in traffic but I’m tapping my fingers on the steering wheel”-type moments, and some haunting, anomalous hints at deeper waters stirring below the bounce.”

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Hanna Bech is a fresh, unusual and uniquely gifted musical artist. If you celebrate creative vision that works outside the static norms, take a look at what Hanna has to offer.” Sharon Washington, Hamilton based Songwriter and Musician

“Theses songs are worth hearing. The musicians she’s assembled to be a part of this are some of Hamilton’s best. ” Adam Carter, Song-writer, Musician, and Promoter

“Hanna is one of Hamilton’s most unique voices and has a style and approach that is uniquely her own.”
Duane Rutter, Songwriter and Musician

“Hey folks! Dig local music? Creativity? Songwriting? Delightful things? Magic?
My talented friend Hanna is getting her first EP off the ground. It has some really beautiful music and a lot of stellar people working on it! Some of my favourites, in fact. Also, me! It is a distinct pleasure to get to add harp to this lady’s neat ideas.”

“Hanna Bech’s Kickstarter: she’s looking to make the stretch goal. Her record is extremely hip with some unexpected plot twists. Hard at work on it – let’s make this happen Hanna Bech Mathieson” Kirk Starkey my producer


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